• X-Ray Digital

    Key West Orthopedics has an On-Site Digital X-Ray for the convenience of our patients.

    X-Rays use radiation to detect bone deterioration or disease as well as fractures, dislocations, infections or tumors. When the radiation passes through the body, objects dense in nature, such as bone, will appear white on X-Ray whereas less-dense tissue will appear a grayish color.  Your doctor will then interpret and discuss your results with you at your appointment.

  • On-Site 1.5T MRI

    Key West Orthopedics has an On-Site 1.5 Tesla High Speed Closed MRI for the convenience of our patients.

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a method of looking inside the body
    without using radiation or surgery.  Our 1.5 Tesla High speed and High field MRI creates remarkably clear pictures of our human anatomy, using harmless magnetism and radio waves to produce images.

    Our MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) uses a magnet and a computer to manipulate the magnetic elements naturally found in organs and tissue. The images created are then viewed as cross sections of the specific body part being scanned. Rather than using radiation (like X-Rays), an MRI uses radiowaves. They are typically used to identify bone or joint ailments.

    Your MRI will be interpreted by a Board Certified Radiologist who specializes in the reading of MRI images.  The Radiologist will report his findings to your Physician.  Your doctor will then discuss your results with you at your next appointment.

    It is important that patients with any of the following are generally advised NOT to have an MRI.

    Cardiac Pacemaker
    Venous Umbrella
    Shunt, Spinal or Ventricular
    Metal Fragments in Eyes, Head, Skin
    Metal or Mesh Implants
    Prosthetic Heart Valves or Heart Valve
    Ear (Cochlear) Implant or Hearing Aid
    Neurostimulator, Electrodes, or Brain Clips
    Magnetic Dental Implants or Dentures
    Shrapnel or Wire Sutures
    Aortic Clips
    Insulin Pump
    IUD or Pregnancy
    Fractured Bones treated with Metal Rods
    Joint Replacement or Prosthesis

    The magnet may affect, or be affected by, any person fitted with a pacemaker or other non-removable electrical device. 
    Please advise the Physician or MRI Technologist before having an MRI.